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You've got your teeth sparkling with ZOOM!™ 1-hour in-office teeth whitening, a ravishing new set of veneers, or whatever else you needed for that total smile makeover.  You look great today, but life happens.  A glass of red wine, a cup of espresso, that occasional cigarette, you name it, the fact is that all of these things, and many more, are waging battles against your teeth every day.  We know you can't live your life in Cocosmile™ (although, after experiencing our pampering, many wish they could), so that's why we offer the finest take-home dental products on the market today.


We offer our customers Ultrasonex™ brand ultrasonic toothbrushes, the first and only toothbrush to use this advanced, space-age technology in the world.  Using a patented therapeutic ultrasound frequency combined with sonic pulsation, you'll be able to blast away bacteria chains and plaque in a way no other toothbrush can, leaving your teeth white and silky smooth.  This is not just another sonic toothbrush.  This is ultrasound, which has more than 5,000 times the brushstrokes per second of the most popular sonic toothbrushes.

We also offer ZOOM!™ and other brands of home teeth whitening gels from the worldwide whitening experts, Discus Dental®, whose founder is a regular guest on Hollywood's Extreme Makeover, to make sure your white teeth stay white.


Got bad breath?  We've got you covered too.  We also offer professional-grade Discus Dental® products for breath control, including specially-formulated chewing gum, mouthwash, tongue scrapers and other tools of the trade.


Of course, every product we sell is one that we've tested thoroughly and actually use ourselves.  While many home-care products come in fancier boxes and make their sellers much more money, here, at Cocosmile™, we believe that the highest-quality professional-grade products are the only things that should be gracing our shelves.


Featured below is a sampling of the products we offer*:








Ultrasonex™ toothbrush single

Ultrasonex™ toothbrush double


Take Home Whitening Gel Kits

Day White with ACP® (daytime)

Nite White with ACP® (overnight)

ZOOM!™ Weekender with ACP

Breath Care


BreathRx® Mouthwash

BreathRx® Tongue Scrapers


BreathRx® Toothpaste

BreathRx® Gum


BreathRx® Starter Kit (all of the above)




*Please note: Item selection and prices are subject to change without notice.

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